Commercial Title Work

You can never be too thorough when it comes to making a commercial real estate purchase.

A commercial title search is important for the same reason any purchase is important: You need to know exactly what you’re buying. When hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are involved, the stakes and risks are much higher. Uncovering the history of the property can assuage your concerns, or give you a leg up in negotiations if the search reveals title issues. 

That’s where Langston Law comes in. We have years of experience searching large commercial properties and complicated titles, working closely with title insurance companies, lenders, real estate brokers, corporations and individuals throughout the country in connection with various types of title orders, title work, and title research for real property located in the Carolinas.   

Whether you are dealing with a single-site property or a multi-site portfolio, Langston Law can help. Our attorneys provide the expertise and quality service required for timely, accurate and cost-effective commercial title search and opinions.

John Langston, Attorney

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Our team is dedicated to responsiveness and availability. We have extensive experience assisting title insurance companies, lenders, developers, tenants, and investors with the acquisition, sale, development, financing, and leasing of commercial real estate.
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Langston Law is an innovative boutique law firm dedicated to commercial real estate, business law, financial services, and commercial title work.
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